Start a Photography Business Withs These Few Tips

Do you feel the most comfortable behind your camera snapping shots? Why not pursue this passion as a potential career? It would be a shame to let your passion for photography go to waste by not pursuing it to the fullest. Many people think you must fork out thousands of dollars or join an institution to get started in photography, but that is simply not true. All you really need is passion and drive to keep you going. Here are a few key tips to get you started.

Learn about the Business

It is always wise to do some research when considering a new career path and this includes the photography business. There are several questions you will need the answers to if you are going to be successful. A great place to start would be in photographic magazines such as Camera Arts, Photo District News and Professional Photographer. In addition to these print sources of information, the internet has a wealth of material you can access about starting your own photography business.

What Type of Photographer?

Similar to what do you want to be when you grow up is the question of what kind of photographer do you want to be? This is a very good place to start the process of developing your business because the answer will be very relevant to the next step. For example, if you want to be a photo journalist you will have very little need of backdrops and lighting, however for posed shoots you will need both and more.

Show Me the Money!

Where are you going to make the money in photography? Well, that truly depends upon your passion, wherever you excel you will make money. Some people cannot wait to photograph weddings while others love the challenge of getting great sports shots, whichever you choose you are sure to make a decent living.


No matter what it is you like to capture with your camera you are going to need a good portfolio. This should contain the very best pictures you have taken that pertain to your chosen field. Ensure your images are of unusual character and diverse in nature, you want to impress clients from the start.

Saving Images

Technology has given modern photographers many options for saving and transferring images. You can save them to DVD, CD, USB storage devices, Micro- SD cards and much more. It is a good idea to have a couple of back up devices just to be safe, especially when you are working for a client.

Your Camera

Choosing a camera is going to require some research and experience. The best photographers use expensive SLR models; however, you can begin with a high end digital as well. Try to stick with well-known brands in photography circles, this goes back to your research above. You can find many reviews online and in popular print magazines.

Internet Presence

Starting a business today practically demands an online presence, even if all of your work will be done locally. You can have a site built for you or display your images on popular photography websites; either will do wonders for your exposure and the latter gives you a more automated process. Update and maintain your images on a regular basis, so there is something interesting and new available to your fans.

Business Cards

Business cards serve many purposes, they at once show you are a professional while providing potential clients with all of your contact information. Pay close attention to the design of your business card, choose graphics and type set carefully. You want your name, image or logo and phone number featured prominently, especially your phone number. This is the way clients will contact you and for the most part is all the info they are really interested in.

Set a Price Point

Setting your prices initially can be tough, you are not established yet but you do not want to completely undercut the competition either. Check into pricing for your particular field in your local area, perhaps by calling a few local photographers. You can price a bit lower if you like, until you build your clientele. Never try to get an exorbitant fee, clients will look elsewhere.