Photography As A Career

Have you ever said this? “If I could do anything, I’d spend my life behind the lens of a camera.” You can make it happen. You can combine your passion to take pictures with any one of your other interests and create a fascinating career.

Decide if you want to do general photography or if you want to specialize. If you live in a small community, you don’t need to specialize unless you want to. However, most photographers specialize as they get more experience and get a sense of the best markets for their work.

There are several areas of photography that you can specialize in.

If you like interacting with people, you could specialize in portraits. You could take your specialization one step further in this niche and specialize in portraits of newborns and babies.

You can take school photos and class pictures. Take your specialization one step further in this niche by taking sports-team photos and class reunion photos.

Wedding photographs offer a lot of contact with clients.

If you don’t like interacting with people, perhaps you like taking pictures of animals. You can spend your days photographing dogs at dog shows or do feline photos by taking pictures of cats or go to an equestrian show and take pictures of horses.

Perhaps you like to take pictures of things that don’t move. You could take photos for companies that need photos of products for advertisements, catalogs and sales materials.

If serving impatient and squirming people or animals and meeting deadlines of assignments are not your taste, you can do stock photography. Stock photography is an $800 million a year field. Stock photography is taking pictures of virtually any topic and sell them to people who are seeking some particular photo for use in books, promotional materials, documentaries and so forth.

You can specialize in taking photos of just about anything that fascinates you.

Two great magazines of photography are Popular Photography and American Photo. You can get these in a bundle. Popular Photography draws upon top professionals in the field to inform committed readers who are passionate about taking pictures. American Photo is the premier showcase for outstanding photography. You can get 12 issues of Popular Photography and 6 issues of American Photo for the low cost of $20.00. That is 78% off the news stand price.